Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2023.10 ~)

Dr. Bumsoo Park (박범수 박사)

AIX: Learning-based Control Algorithms, AI-driven Design


Ph.D. Students


MS/Ph.D. Student (2020.09 ~)

Keonhyeok Park (박건혁)

AIX: Acoustics, Bio


MS/Ph.D. Student (2021.03 ~)

Jongmok Lee (이종목)



Ph.D. Student (2024.09 ~)

Jaejung Park (박재정)

AIX: Materials

MS Students


MS Student (2023.09 ~)

Chaeyun Won (원채윤)

AIX: Healthcare AI


MS Student (2024.03 ~)

Hyeokjin Kweon (권혁진)



 Start Name



  "Leveraging Physics Knowledge in Deep Learning for Manufacturing Systems"

  "Manufacturing Process Monitoring Methods using Deep Learning: from Prediction to Diagnosis"

  "Knowledge-guided Deep Learning Approaches for Acoustic Environment Measurement"

  "Industrial Artificial Intelligence from Data Analytics to Simulation"

  "Towards Deep Learning-enabled Engineering for Expedited Understanding and Mitigation of Physical Phenomena"

"Deep Learning for Microscopy Image Analysis in Materials Science: Restoration and Recognition"

"Battery Health Management Through Physics-Informed Neural Networks: Thermal Runaway Modeling and Capacity Estimation"


  "Machine Learning-based Surrogate Modeling to Expedite the Exploration of the Extensive Chemical Space of MXenes"

  "Surrogate Models for Predicting Elastic Moduli of Metal-Organic Frameworks via Multiscale Features"

"Deep Learning-based Vibration Signal Generation with Frequency-Amplitude Variability"

"Generative Neural Networks in Industrial Applications: Acoustic Metaporous Materials Design and Virtual Vibration Signal Synthesis"

"Training Strategy for Physics-informed Neural Networks with a Focus on Fluid Dynamics"

"Active Learning Platform for Accelerating the Search of High-Voltage Cathode Materials in an Extensive Chemical Space"

"End Point Oxygen and Temperature Prediction based on Feature Clustering in Basic Oxygen Furnace Steelmaking"

"Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Real-time Fault Diagnosis on Edge Device"

 "Attention-based Explainable Feature Extraction Model for Anomaly Detection in Gearbox"

"Robust Machine Learning Method for Surface Crack Prediction of Continuous Casting Steel"

"Deep Learning Methods to Enhance the Temporal Resolution in Functional Biomedical Imaging"

"Directed Graph Based Refinement of 3D Human Motion Data using Spatial-Temporal Information"

"Deep Learning-based Analysis on Physical Factors of Bar Warping in Rolling Process"

"Convolutional Neural Network based Small Bowel Lesion Detection in Capsule Endoscopy"

"Fault Diagnostics for Rotating Machinery using Deep Learning: Ensemble Model of Frequency Spectrum, Spectrogram, and Orbit"

"Deep Learning-based Object Tracking in Soccer Data"

"Mechanical Properties Assessment and Reliability Verification for FDM 3D Printed Products"

"Deep Learning Applications in Manufacturing: Human Motion Recognition and Sound-based Fault Detection"

"Machine Learning Toolbox and PCA Visualization for Data-Driven PHM"

"Statistical Approaches for Fault Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis with Industrial Applications: MLCC and Rotating Machinery"



포항공과대학교 진현규, 장진아, 김철홍, 김형섭, 이동화, 최민석 교수

한양대학교 오기용 교수

University of Wisconsin-Madison Prof. Sangkee Min

카이스트 기계공학과 심기동 교수, 최정우 교수

경희대학교 김진균 교수

전북대학교 임재혁 교수

숭실대학교 민경민 교수

중앙대학교 박해선 교수

포스코홀딩스 미래기술연구원 AI연구소 최호, 예인수, 홍지숙 박사

한국기계연구원 (KIMM) 서윤호, 선경호, 김창현 박사

한국표준과학연구원 (KRISS) 장지호, 조완호, 박춘수 박사

한국전력연구원 (KEPCO) 최우성, 손석만 박사

한국생산기술연구원 (KITECH) 윤종필 박사

재료연구원 (KIMM) 김세종, 정재면, 신다슬 박사

한국로봇융합연구원 (KIRO) 정현준 박사

부천성모병원 임선, 김현범 교수

서울성모병원 소화기내과 이한희, 오창교, 최영훈, 이보인 교수

서울성모병원 이비인후과 김도현, 김성원 교수

서울성모병원 산부인과 최윤진 교수